Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review - Physicians Formula HealthyWear powder foundation

I am serious about sun protection. You would be too, after having had a skin cancer cut out of your face at 26. I never go outside in the daytime without proper protection. I usually use an SPF 50 spray sunblock (CVS brand, full-spectrum) on my neck and body, or sometimes Neutrogena sensitive SPF 30, which I don't like as much because it makes me even paler. For my face, I've been using MyChelle Sun Shield, which is a silicone-free, fragrance-free, physical blocker only SPF 28 product, and generally top it with mineral makeup. I've heard great things about Neutrogena's Helioplex compound, but avobenzone is degraded by titanium dioxide, which is in all my makeup.

Sometimes, though, a cream sunblock isn't what I want, and sometimes, I just want my face SPF to match my body SPF. So I was really excited by the new HealthyWear line from Physicians Formula - a pressed powder foundation in SPF 50! It combines chemical and physical blockers, so it'll last awhile. How is it, as a foundation?

A. Color Matching
4. Close, but not quite. My face looks slighty pinker than usual with this on. I'm using translucent light.

B. Coverage.
3. Covers blemishes. For a sheer coverage product, it mostly evens out skin tone and covers smaller spots. Does nothing for the scar, but that's faded a lot and nobody but me really notices it.

C. Adhesion/durability.
3. Gets me through an eight-hour day. Doesn't rub off too easily, but it does settle in the creases by my nose.

D. Combination skin friendliness factor.
4. By mid-afternoon, some oil spots have broken out or some areas look dryer than normal. This does that think where my face looks a little shiny, but not oily - but if you touch it? Slimy.

E. Irritancy.
3. No problems at all.

F. Presentation
2. Functional packaging. It comes in a plastic compact with a pink sponge in the lower compartment and the product on a tray above that, with a mirror in the lid. The compact is hot pink and orange. Orange is not my favorite color. However, as others have stated, you will not lose this in your purse. The product pan on mine also isn't glued into the compact very well, and I'm going to have to fix it soon. Also - I emailed them to ask about the sponge - it's latex-free.

G. Value
2. Costs about what you'd expect. Roughly $15.

H. Company is nice to work with, good customer service. 1 point. Yup! They have slow, but reliable, service.

Total: 20/30. If this matched my skin better, I'd be all over it. This is not for those days I want to look flawless, but it's amazing for when I want to go running and not have sweaty sunblock dripping into my eyes. As a sunblock in pressed powder form, I really like it. As a foundation, it does ok. I've used better. It's the easiest to use foundation I have, and would be great for travel. I have mixed feelings about the sponge - it feels a little rough. I think I like how the product applies with a baby buki better.

Would I buy it again? Probably, if for no other reason than it will help me avoid needing to have more skin cancers cut out of my face. A powder sunblock is great for hot, summery weather - all liquid sunblocks make my face sweat in the summer. I like how well this performs when I run, and can see it being useful for other outdoor activity in warm weather. And, it looks alright for when I'm pressed for time and don't want to have to tap out and brush on loose powder foundations.

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  1. I LOVE this stuff! Skin cancer runs in my family so I'm all about staying out of the sun and wearing high SPF in the shade. My Dad had skin cancer 3 times (even tho he doesn't sunbathe and he avoids the sun!) and my aunt and grandma had it on their faces too. Really scary so I know I must be at high risk of getting it as well.

    I don't like the sponge that much either so I just use a kabuki or powder brush. When I used the sponge, I pressed the powder all over my face, then blended it in. It seemed to work better than swiping it on, if that makes sense. If I happen to need more coverage, I use my normal mineral foundation on top of it and that works great as well.
    I will buy it again when I am close to running out. :-D

    Thanks for the review. I always appreciate other opinions on the products I use.