Sunday, June 19, 2011

Used it! (and consolidated a few things)

*Coastal Scents Key Lime shadow sample. A nice pale lime green, not quite as pigmented as I usually like, but maybe that makes it more suitable for professional dress codes.

*UDPP Eden sample decant. I used to think I really wanted a full size of this. Thanks to the nice ladies at Sephora and their generous sample decant policy, now I won't be stuck with something I don't like - this stuff is just way too yellow for my taste, and I end up having to cover the entire application with shadow, which, IMO, defeats the purpose of having a tinted primer.

*Walgreens spray sunblock. No UVA protection! I almost wish I didn't have another one of these lying around - I bought it out of desperation hoping to be able to protect myself during a surprise long drive, but it's not the best. It gets points for portability, but not much else.

*Almay makeup remover wipes. I like having wipes around. They're great for when I'm tired - they make it a lot easier to wash my face because I don't have to be as careful to get all the makeup off. That said, these ones kind of sting.

ES project pan - 15/20
Lip project pan - 6/10

(Since Sept. 2, 2010)
156 items gone
56 full size items gone

Also, I took some products I wasn't crazy about and consolidated them.
I detubed the following: SN Bisou, Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Coral, Morgana Cryptoria Fire in the Sky sample, and tiny bit of homemade lip balm, melted it all together in a shot glass in the microwave, and now I have a single tube of a sheer berry color.

Then, because I got a good deal on some powder dispensing brushes, I mixed a full size of Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Silica powder - Peaches and Cream, with half a 10g jar of Aromaleigh Divine Radiance powder - Magnolia Blossom, and a bit of zinc powder. It's in my purse now for those "ack! I have shinyface!" moments.


  1. Love that you are combining stuff! This is giving me some ideas.... I may have to try combining some lippies! Yes!

  2. The hardest part is finding the tubes.

  3. I use the Almay in the bottle. It didn't use to bother me, but when they changed the label they must have changed the formula b/c it kinda does sting now!

  4. Wow! You've used up a lot. Congrats! =D