Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monster Used-it post!

*L'Oreal Ever Strong shampoo and conditioner samples - rosemary and juniper.
These made me smell like dude. I'm not a dude. I wasn't wowed enough by the formula to overlook the dude-smell.

*Lumene Eye Makeup Base
I got this in a swap a while back, and it lasted me almost a year - it's a thicker consistency than TFSI or UDPP, and a bit more sticky. It worked pretty well, but it was a pain in the ass to use later - I had to cut the squeeze tube open and put it in a jar because it got too thick to squeeze out. Then, because it was in a jar, it got super thick and hard to spread.

*Aromaleigh heels on fire hi-fi matte sample (dark bubblegum pink)
I did like this - it worked with a duo-fiber as a blush, too, which I thought was nice. If I could find a somewhat less bright version of this, that might be good.

*Liza's Lotions Un-Clog Me Mask
I have mixed feelings on this. I used it three times because that's how much I got out of it. Once, it seemed to provoke my pores to create more oil. I used it last night, and when I woke up, my forehead and nose weren't shiny at all. I think it might just be my inconsistent skin, though.

*Giovanni Smooth as Silk shampoo sample packet
Hard to lather, smelled nice, wouldn't buy.

*Giovanni Root 66 conditioner sample packet.
Seemed to work fine, but not wonders or anything.

*Sample card of UDPP
These are really one-time use things, because the stuff dries out after the first use. I'm still on the UDPP/TFSI fence.

ES project pan - 6/8
Lip project pan - 1/5

(Since Sept. 2, 2010)
152 items gone
54 full size items gone


  1. Ooohhhh! Yay for more stuff used up! I don't think I've heard of the Lumene base before. Too bad it got thick on you :(

  2. Yeah, Lumene stopped selling makeup in the US a year or two ago. Now they only sell skincare here.