Saturday, April 16, 2011

Starting "detox" all over.

It's not even three in the morning yet, and soon I'll be getting an Urban Decay shadow pencil in Sin. I also ordered a bunch of sunblock and something the man needed (which he'll pay me back for), and squeaked over the free shipping limit by $.57, and also got the 15% off. And I'm getting a mini of UD Greed with my points.

So, today is Day 1 again. New goal date: May 17th.

At least I'm not drooling over the beauty aisles at drugstores a couple times a week anymore. Right? I didn't even go to CVS or Walgreens this week, and my cheap store brand body wash and lotion mission to Whole Paycheck got me out of there with just what I went for, dinner, and a magazine.

I'm kind of over drugstore stuff now. There's nothing else out there that I want. Most of my wish list now is indie stuff, and I have a small handful of high-end products I'd like, mostly a royal blue 24/7-like pencil and some sparkly eye primer (which I'm getting, in small amounts, with my new order). I also want the Naked palette, but have decided I have to wait until I hold my diploma in my hands.


  1. Oh no! Ok, I'm holding you to it this time! 30 days! I have been doing pretty good. I did pick some stuff up at Sally's on Friday, but it was a nail file and foot soak. I did get a small Darling Girl order last week. Maybe I will make today day 1 and do this with you!

  2. Join up!

    I justify it by saying that, with the sale, I spent only four dollars more for the products than I would have spent if I bought just the sunblock and the thing for the man (and also needed to buy shipping), and the man paid me back for the item, so...