Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 9 of detox, a few random things

Detox update - Day 9:
Didn't buy anything. :) I did get my Sephora order in, and the sunblock stash is fun! I also like the Sin shadow pencil, but not for the reasons I'd thought - turns out it does crease on me without a primer. But! It's perfect for the lower lashline - wakes the whole area right up. They did forget to put my birthday gift in there, so I have to go to Sephora soon and pick that up. Maybe if I leave my money at home, I'll walk out with only the gift and some free samples.

Project Use It:
I also decided to restart my lip and eye product Project Pans, see if I can use up five more lip products and eight more eye products. I have too many baggies of stuff - and they need to be gone!

This week, I used up:
Liza's Lotions Luscious Lip Balm - Not my favorite lip balm ever, but it didn't cause me any problems. And I did use it up. :)

Aromaleigh planetearth (cool bright turquoise blue with tiny pink sparkles). I might end up missing this one a little, but I have about three more bright turquoises, so it's ok.

ES project pan - 2/8
Lip project pan - 1/5

122 items gone
45 full size items gone

Upcoming contest:
I need two more followers!!!

Revised shopping list:

I've since decided to scale back my SoBe order, am still planning on a Shiro haul at the end of the no buy, and am thinking about another Morgana Cryptoria order and a small Darling Girl order. After I use up a specified amount of Fyrinnae stuff, I'm reordering some favorite colors. I should * crosses fingers * FINALLY have a decent job come August, so that will make ordering easier. I also want to make another SN order around June (when I'll need more Vitamin C Serum - I think it's been helping!) and will want to try out some of the newer stuff then.


  1. Good luck, Emily! You can do it :)

  2. You are doing awesome! I should try doing a project pan. Right now the only thing I am trying to use up is lip balm. I have so many lip balms hanging around right now from my indie bath and body series. I will not buy or make any more until all of the ones I have are gone!

  3. I'm on a no buy myself, so I am with you! All the best!