Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some quick questions

Hey everyone, I'm feeling a lot better now - still have four more days of antibiotics left, but I'm much improved! I haven't used anything else up yet - still working on that face wash and blush sample!

Anyway, I found these questions on Phyrra's blog and decided to use them as some quick writing starters.

1. Are you a Product Elitist?

No. Some high-end stuff is really worth the money. Some cheap stuff really works well. I pay attention to the ingredients lists and to performance. I like getting high-end stuff in kits or on sale to save some cash.

2. Do you wear bright eye shadows?
Heck yes! I can wear warm browns or brights, and like both effects. Lime green eyeshadow is my favorite!!! I can't really do anything anywhere between straight neutral and brights. Anything greyed makes me look like death.

3. What’s on your tips?

Nothing at the moment. I'm planning on doing Wet N Wild Shield soon.

4. What’s your favorite type of pet? Cat? Dog? Big or small? Scaled?
Cat. All other animals are either too needy or wouldn't let me know they were hungry. I really love cats, though. They're super cute!

5. Name a Guilty Pleasure.
Shitty SyFy Original movies. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus is my favorite! I also need to DVR Triassic Attack soon.

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  1. Hope you get recovered soon!

    Great questions, and answeres! Too funny about the SyFy movies!