Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Used up shampoo, lotion sample

I used up two more things!

1. GoodonyaToo açai açai salty dawg creme shampoo. This is not bad stuff. It definitely makes my scalp feel clean. My main complaints are texture (it's hard to work a salty, grainy paste into wet hair easily) and the feeling that I have to use too much. I have not yet found my Holy Grail hair cleansing product or routine yet. I suspect that living somewhere I can install a handheld shower head and being able to wash only the scalp hair when needed (I have a lot of hair) would be ideal.

2. Liza Lotion Blotch-be-Gone acne lotion. Also pretty good stuff. I got a sample of this in a pay-it-forward from the maker, Liza, and I do like it. It doesn't feel like it moisturizes enough, but it also doesn't leave flakes, and my skin is clearer than it has been lately. If going back to other lotion makes me break out, I'll think harder about buying some.

So now I'm at 39 products down!

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