Thursday, October 28, 2010

Used up a few more things

1. Aveeno shampoo sample packet (I always use at least twice as much conditioner than shampoo). Eh. The clean doesn't last long enough. Silicones do not belong in shampoo. I only had these packets because they were attached to body wash.

2. Tarte ReCreate silicone free primer sample. As with many of the primers I've tried, this one is a better moisturizer than a primer. Add some SPF to it, and I think it might be a nice product. Primers don't work as primers on me, but sometimes they're a nice substitute for foundation. I still think they're a scam, though.

3. adorned with Grace Illuminated blush sample baggie. This would be a great highlighter for someone with much darker skin than mine. As is, it's a half shade darker than me.

I also chucked a few things.

1. L'Oreal roll on foundation - Somehow made me patchy and oily at the same time, with highlighted dry spots. I just didn't want to fight with it anymore.

2. Cover Girl Lash Blast fusion mascara in brown (purple tube). Orange tube lash blast is great. Purple tube sucks.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog sale - I have some stuff I'm not using that I need to get rid of. Also, I'm kind of hard up for cash and could use some.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for using up more stuff! And sometimes it feel real good to just ditch stuff that is not working for you. And I agree on the LashBlast, the purple tube isn't as good as the orange one!