Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aromaleigh is gone. :(

I'm a loyal person. If I like you and you treat me well, I hold on to you and defend you with everything I have. If I like a business, I keep shopping there. If they treat me well if there's a problem, I spread the word and love them even more.

That kind of thinking kept me in the thrall of Everyday Minerals for far too long, buying more of a substandard product than I could humanly use and ignoring all the warning signs that they were starting to fail their customers. That loyalty prevented me from really reaching out and trying other companies for far too long - until December, when I started this blog and sampling from lots of places in order to find my new favorites.

Aromaleigh has been consistently among the top four (along with Silk Naturals, Fyrinnae, and adorned with Grace Minerals), and I have ordered from them many times and thoroughly enjoyed each order. When I had my one and only customer service problem with them, they more than made it up to me (I still really enjoy the extra goodies!).

To see a company hacked to pieces by vicious bitches on the Internet who stoop to personal attacks against a company's owner for no particularly good reason makes me doubt the good in people. Maybe if I weren't hoping to start my own company someday, I wouldn't be taking this news with such a heavy heart - I can't imagine putting myself out there, as Kristen did, only to be torn to shreds later by some of the most vindictive people I've seen on the Internet.

I am very sad today, trying to figure how the best combination of stuff to buy from her on my soon-to-be-stopping paycheck so that I don't end up without some things I'd wanted forever.

Hopefully Miss K can take some time to regroup and grace us with her sparkle again in the future.


  1. I was shocked to see this news this morning. While I did order from Aromaleigh a few times, I wasn't a big fan like a lot of people out there. However, that doesn't mean I feel attacks on her were approperiate in any way. I'm sad to see Kristen close shop because I know she had a lot of loyal customers.

  2. I wasn't a superfan by any means - the whole EDM fiasco taught me not to be super loyal to any one company, but she was one of my favorites. The only times I've ever swapped their stuff away were because I didn't look good in that color, or because I didn't need the sample after I'd bought full size. Her eyeshadows were great, but she also had some other really fun stuff.

    Thanks, ugly hags, for wrecking the fun for the rest of us. You're like those kids at school everyone hated for keeping all of us inside during recess.

  3. Oh man, Aromaleigh is gone? It's one nice MMU company. I hate to see mineral makeup companies go.

  4. http://dontbecruel-aguidetocrueltyfreebeauty.blogspot.com/2010_07_01_archive.html

    Good morning from NY - a fellow makeup blogger here. I just heard the news last night, and am bummed out as well. AL was a great brand, and will be sorely missed.