Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I need to find the cord to upload pics from my camera, but I decided I'd swatch all my eyeliners and take a webcam pic of them to give everyone a general idea.

At the bottom (the larger swatches), I have the Physicians Formula gel liners. The bottom row is the green eyes collection, and the second-to-bottom row is the blue eyes collection. These are great for getting close to the lashline, and they stay put when I use them on my upper lashline, but they smudge on the lower lashline.

Above the black PF liners, I have Milani Liquifeyes in Silver, Korres Soft Liner in White, and Milani Minerals liners in Black and Brown. Except for the Silver, which is more like Urban Decay 24/7 liners, they're good for a good, sharp line, and the white is good for waterlining (which I almost never do). The silver liner is also nice for the waterline, and it's super shiny!

On the upper right, the three liners there are all Milini Infinite liquid liners. They're the only thing that will stay on my lower lashline, but they definitely need an oil-based remover to get off.

Below the liquid liners are my two UD heavy metal glitter liners - Stagedive and Distortion. I have fun with these, but don't feel the need for more. Distortion seems to lighten whatever I have under it, which is kind of fun.

Most of pencils swatched in the middle column are UD 24/7 liners. From top to bottom: Covet, Mildew, Flipside, Golden Korres liner, Electric, and Lucky. I love these for a quick liner-plus-mascara look. I have zero, too, but I'm hoping to swap it away because the thicker pencil goes on too thick for my taste.

Eyeliner is so much fun! What's your favorite?

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