Sunday, March 3, 2013

No buy progress

This year for Lent, I decided to stop buying anything related to beauty. No makeup, no hair stuff, no skincare, no nothing. I have enough of everything to last me a while, and I wanted to see if I could quit buying stuff I didn't really need and make myself more aware of my purchases. See, I've bought too many things that just didn't work out, or I haven't ended up using as much as I thought I would.

(incidentally, I have a very lightly used UD Vice Palette for sale - $39+ shipping)

So, I really wanted to commit to a longer no-buy than the month-long ones I've done in the past, which often included exceptions for a category or two. Nothing but nail polish? Guess what I got a lot of that month. So far, I have stuck to my guns and not bought anything since Ash Wednesday, which was on February 12 this year. I did get two nail polishes as a gift for Valentine's Day, and I did get my March Julep Maven box because I'd accumulated enough points to get that for free. But I will not use actual money to purchase any product intended to beautify my body until April 1, at the earliest.

I am hoping to get a better idea of what kinds of products I genuinely love, so I can make better choices about future purchases. A lot of beauty blogs seem focused on buying the newest, greatest thing (which is awesome), but I want Emily's Makeup Box to focus more on color combinations and look ideas for different situations. For now, forcing myself to think about why I want to buy things is helping clear my head and focus more on other areas of my life. My thesis defense is finally scheduled for the end of this month, I have seven more months to plan my wedding, and I want to be more focused on starting this next, exciting phase of my life than on tracking down the newest palette.

Anyone else on a no buy right now?


  1. I am on a no buy nail polish this month. I just spend to much money and I have lots of family birthdays coming up. Nail polish and make up go hand in hand I guess, so I'll probably not buy any of that either!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment and good luck on your no buy.