Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adventure Time!

Hot Topic has been selling Adventure Time themed nail polishes, which combine my interest in beauty products with my appreciation of their namesake TV show. I bought myself the princess duo, and Future Mr. Emily bought me the Finn and Jake duo for Valentine's Day.

For those not in the know, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is an excellent cartoon show on Cartoon Network. It features Finn, a human boy in early adolescence, and his talking dog Jake. They live in a magical post-apocalyptic world and go out on errands and journeys because of teenage boredom, an urgent request from Princess Bubblegum, or an emergency caused by a dastardly villain.

This manicure is a polka- dotted fauxnad. On my thumbs, I put Finn dots over three coats of Jake. On the other fingers, it's Jake dots on three coats of Finn.

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