Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hey readers!

I'm still here, still going makeup crazy. I've been very busy in real life recently - what with moving, visiting my family for a long weekend, and also putting in a lot of hours with a temp job that's over now :(

Since my last informative post, I've still been into minerals, and I've branched out into some high-end stuff * cough * Tarte * cough

I've made a couple Aromaleigh orders to try to get my hands on my favorites from my sample collection and try my hands at some random colors (morphing moon turns out to be a near-exact match for my eyes!). Some fortuitous swaps have gotten me some of the finishing powders, which I'm really excited about using (bust sad, too, because once it's gone, there's no more!)

Also, Tarte's friends and family sale plus some more fortuitous swapping has allowed me to amass a nice collection of cheek stains, and they are my new favorite product. Natural Beauty, Blissful, and Blushing Bride are the nicest colors of the group, though I haven't been disappointed with the others.

Right now, I'm looking for work again, so except for a Silk Naturals order, there will be nothing new not from a swap or amazingly discounted at the drugstore for a while.

I'm also using stuff up as systematically as possible, because I have way too many samples of stuff lying around, and it's cluttering up my storage.

Speaking of storage - my new apartment allows for a much nicer makeup storage system than the old one. So yay!

I have not forgotten you. Oh, did I mention I've only had functional Internet for a week? Eesh!

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  1. Glad to see you are back! Looking forward to more posts from you!