Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reviews and hauls to come!

I've been going a little crazy with shopping lately, probably in reaction to the drought while I was unemployed. I got some new Urban Decay stuff, made a small Aromaleigh order with the sale they just had, a small Fyrinnae order because I was out of velvet gel primer, a Silk Naturals order (mostly for skincare and lip stuff), and today I took advantage of the adorned with Grace blog special to get some stuff I'd been wanting.

I'll probably take photos soon, then wait and do a review a week with them.

What would you like to know about what I ordered?


  1. Yay! Another adorned with Grace fan! I just stumbled across your blog from Eyeconic. I love adorned with Grace and don't come across a lot of people blogging about them. I recently started a blog and did a review of adorned with Grace. I'll be interested to see what you got and what you think!

  2. I loove Urban Decay! can't wait to hear what you got from them :)