Sunday, February 21, 2010

Physican's Formula Shimmer Strips Cream Liner - Blue Eyes

I recently acquired the new Shimmer Strips Cream Liner for Blue Eyes from Physician's Formula - Here are some swatch pictures!

The set comes with three liners in cube-shaped jars that snap together like Legos. There's a matte blue purple shade, a pearly brown, and a black with blue shimmers in it. I was not really excited about the black, as I usually avoid it in favor of brown, but the blue shimmer makes it a lot softer and more interesting. You also get a liner brush with the kit.

I've tried all of them, and I really like them so far. The brush they come with works pretty well, and the product itself stays where I put it for the most part, and shows up nice and crisp. There isn't a lot of product in the individual jars, but I don't really mind that - you don't need a whole lot of it, and I might actually use something this small up.

I like these a lot - I might save up for the green eyes one after I get another job. I'm hoping that the sparkles in the black match the intended eye color, because that would be awesome - having a bunch of identical black liners isn't the neatest thing in the world.

Only problem is that you really need an oil-based remover or cleanser to get these things off, and they have a tendency to stain.


  1. Hi! Here is a review on the green one:
    It does have greenish sparkle :-D .

    Thanks for your review. Now I *need* to go try them hehe.

  2. Thanks for the link!
    I have the green ones now, too.