Sunday, January 27, 2013

Caviar Manicure 1st Time

I've admired caviar manis for a few months now. So, when I saw the beads at the dollar store, I snapped them up. I used a Clinique polish I've had forever as the base.

I don't think I'm a fan. There's a lot you have to do to get this right, and this'll probably be very short-lived. 

1. You have to clean up the edges of your base color really well before you add the beads. 
2. Then, I use a clear coat as the "glue." 
3. The minute you touch it, the beads will start falling off. I'm kind of worried they'll be all over my bedding by morning. 

The only place I can see this working is a special event. One with plenty of time to get ready first. I'll probably do this a few more times until I'm out of beads, but I won't be seeking them out again. 

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