Saturday, December 29, 2012

November/December used it part 1

Quick and dirty here:
1. Aveeno smart essentials daily detoxifying scrub. Buy again? No. This was a freebie sample and I'd say it scrubs only sort of and cleanses okayish. If I'm going to use something with gritty bits, then I want to feel them as something other than a minor annoyance. I used this as my morning face wash while traveling and it did the job without distinction.

2. Repechage t-zone balance honey and almond scrub. Buy again? No. It's again an ok scrub. This one was better because the particles were more plentiful and it doubled as a mask. My face did feel smooth after using it, just not smoother than other masks I've used.

3. Darling Girl Cosmetics skin quenchers dry oil spray in warm vanilla sugar. Buy again? Already did. The new one is a vanilla orange scent. These work best on somewhat damp skin to seal the moisture in. Great for dry winter conditions.

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