Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year again!

Everyone is all in New-Year's resolution mode now, and while I generally dislike resolutions, I think that some beauty-related "experiments" would be a good thing.

One of the things I'd like to do is to limit my spending to $10/month on non-essential product purchases. I already have a Fyrinnae order coming, and I also just splurged on an Hourglass lipstick (totally reckless decision, but I was in New York and feeling indulgent - so far I love it and will talk more about it later). There are also about three other things I'd like.

Replacements of things I use regularly are exempt from the limit. "Free" money like Extrabucks is added on. I can save up my allowance for something bigger if I want it.

Originally, I was thinking of trying to go the whole year without buying anything new (except replacements) but then that seemed crazy.

Anyone else on a no or low buy this year?


  1. Yes! My two "resolutions" this year are to start eating healthier (I know, I know...) and starting today, I'm on a no-haul! I did a bunch of shopping for myself when shopping for Christmas presents. So I think its time to start rediscovering my collection. I have actually been doing some DIY projects, so that makes me feel good about "re-purposing" some of my stuff I already have! And I'm sure you are going to great on the $10/month budget this year. You will have to keep us updated on how it goes!

  2. I kind of want the UD Mariposa palette, but I mostly want it for the packaging and for Money. I'm wondering if I can make something similar to Money with some silver and light green WNW shadows I have lying around.